Heidi Henyon is an author of 2 powerful books that help people release and heal their behaviors and thoughts patterns created from trauma and abuse.

“Trauma and Abuse Healing”

  • Trauma and Abuse Healing equips counselors and therapists with easy-to-use tools and practices to implement on their clients that have helped many to find daily peace and solace. 
  • In Trauma and Abuse Healing, Heidi Thompson-Henyon employs her knowledge and wisdom of many different rituals and ceremonies to show counselors and therapists how to lead their clients to better healing.

“Storytelling as a Therapy Tool”

  • Are you a therapist, counselor, or someone healing from trauma and abuse? Are you searching for a tool that can facilitate healing in an easy yet profound way? Are you looking for something that will take your group therapy participants to a deeper, life-changing level?
  • In Storytelling as a Therapy Tool, Heidi Henyon – who uses storytelling and other complementary practices with her coaching clients and traditional therapists.

Heidi Henyon

Author  / Coach / Speaker