Heidi Henyon is

Author Massage Therapist Health Coach Sound Meditation Expert BEMER™ Expert Movement Teacher

Who Is Heidi?

Heidi is a certified and licensed massage therapist, movement teacher, health coach and a best selling author of two incredible books:  

Trauma and Abuse Healing: The Guide to Using Ritual and Ceremony to Delight in Life  and 

Storytelling As a Therapy Tool: Using Story to Heal from Trauma and Abuse.

Her Mission

To help you discover the inherent Joy & Wisdom that resides within you so you can live the life you dream and truly DELIGHT IN LIFE!

What She Does?

Helps her clients heal and feel deeply and lastingly

Storytelling As a Therapy Tool: Using Story to Heal from Trauma and Abuse

She is currently teaching these processes to Therapist, counselors and coaches and others who want to help their clients find the inherent Joy and Wisdom that resides in all of us.

Her History

Heidi started her journey more than forty years ago, when at age 16 she came across her first yoga master from India who piqued her natural curiosity about the body and mind. From that point on, she became fascinated with how the world we live in and create for ourselves affects us and our well-being. She studied psychology in college and received her first certifications in applied kinesiology when she was twenty-one and has continued to study healing and how the body and mind interact.

In the mid 1980’s she became fascinated with the art of ritual and ceremony and how they can transform our mind and behaviors. Finally, after 9/11, she left her corporate position of twenty-five years after realizing her heart was in helping people heal and feel whole.

At age 54 when her childhood memories of severe abuse came back she used what she had learned to heal in just a few months. From this experience she wrote two best sell books to help individuals, therapist and counselors to incorporate tools of healing into their lives and practices.

Heidi has felt blessed and honored to have learned and shared with hundreds of clients over the years and studied with many wonderful teachers like Roselyn Breyer, Hyemeyohsts Storm, Debra Ray, and Sobonfu Somé. She had the joy of spending time in the Peruvian Andes and rainforest, Bolivia, Mexico, Europe, Nepal, and the United States, studying with the indigenous people.

She is also a massage therapist, movement teacher, and health coach. She currently resides bi-coastally in Laguna Beach, California, and Nokesville, Virginia, spending time with clients and family, building a retreat center, and enjoying life.

She states, “I have come to believe our greatest teacher is our living body and spirit. The inherent wisdom and joy that resides within will let us know exactly what is best for our joy and wholeness if we take the moments in time to pay attention and listen deeply.”

Her 3-D TO 5-D Process

What is 5D? There is lots of glamor around 5D these days. For me 5D is learning to live heart centered and create heaven on earth, in our lives. When we examine most spiritual text they all say in some form or another the kingdom of heaven resides within us, we “simply” need to find it. I believe we find it when we find our inherent joy by exploring the reality we create for ourselves. That we are explorers

We draw challenges into our 3D lives to grow and learn, to evolve. We have the innate ability to know what we need and desire in each moment. That is tapping into 5D.


Each person is unique with unique wants. Lets discover who you are


Through the discovery Process we will define your well-being problems root cause, its history, impact on your life.


As she gets to know you in-depth, she will design with your input a program that helps you find your inherent joy and wisdom.


As you grow and evolve into the life you have designed you and I can determine when changes and upgrades to you program are needed.

Delight In Your Life

As you continue to grow, learn and evolve you will find that inherent Joy and Wisdom that resides with in you.

Why Choose Heidi?

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