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Residing Within You So You Can Delight In Life!

Trauma and Abuse Healing

Ritual, Meditation and Storytelling as Therapy Tool for Your Clients or for Yourself

Tools for Practitioners

Your Clients Depend on You

Trauma and abuse has turned your clients' worlds upside down. That's why they've come to you for help. They don't feel safe. They're stuck in patters that prevent their healing. Some have tried traditional therapy without success. You are now their lifeline to a healed soul. Provide them a peace they deserve with a combination of online training & coaching to help make you a more effective advocate and healer.
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Personal Development

YOU Are Depending On You

If trauma and abuse has found it's way into your life and turned your world upside down, let's talk. If you're recognizing the patterns in yourself that are normally reserved for your clients, it may be time to seek support from someone who understands. Stop feeling as if you should be able to "do it yourself," take the pressure off. I can help.

HeartMath™ Meditation

Dare to connect with your heart

Inner balance and peace – do you crave these in a world that feels so out of balance?

BEMER™ Technology

It's All About Blood Flow

The Importance of Healthy Blood Flow... With regard to the human body, it has been said that blood flow is not everything... but without blood flow there is nothing.



Tired of the advice that never seems to fit what your heart and soul craves? At Delight in Life, we believe everyone knows exactly what they need naturally and we help you find the inherent wisdom that was built into your body...

Hands On & Sound Therapy

Therapy For the Soul

Our bodies have the natural ability to heal, let's tap into that through hands on and off modalities. Whatever is most comfortable for you.

to moving your well-being forward

Well-Being Navigation

At Delight In Life, we recognize that everyone has individual needs and desires. By providing a variety of services it is our goal to help you explore and find what brings you the most joy, fun, and well-being.

If we use the garden as a metaphor for your life what does yours look like? Is it a soft field of wild flower? A brilliant display of sunflowers and daisies. Is it a mixture of beautiful tropical plants or highland grasses? 

Everyone is unique and different. We each have special desires and strengths. By knowing what these are you can design and build the life you want. Better health, fulfilling relationships and a life of discovery, this is what delight in life health coaching is about.

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